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Inspired and Utilized by my Senior Seminar MASCULINITY (And Gender) in Film

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lets change the focus

Ok, so I'm sure the 8 people who follow this blog are probably wondering what happened to the thesis: Right now I am in talks to get it published, so I can't actually self publish it here -- yet. There is a good chance it won't be published as a paper, so I may end up posting it eventually.

This means the blog has a change of focus.

Amidst the #GG that had been flowing, I was getting a lot of call-outs for this being a feminist rant blog, despite a severe lack of feminist rants, and that the whole point of the blog was to examine what gender means to videogaming, in a neutral setting.

Well buckle up, folks.

You wanted feminist rant blog? You got feminist rant blog.

From now on this blog will be about GENDER and the MEDIA.
Look for the newest post, following immediately.

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